All children parties include:
*2 Hair Tinsels
*Styled hair (childs choice)
                       *Braids (variations)
                       *Curled ponytail       
*Happy Birthday “name” on outside sign
*Pre-Decorated (choice of color scheme)
*Age balloons
Children under 10 receive
*Polished nails (choice of color
*Manicures (additional $4.00 per child)
*Party Nails (additional $5.00 per set)
Children 10 and up receive
*Party Nails (additional $5.00 per set)
*Full-Set (additional $10.00 per child)
*Highlights ($2.00 per foil,
$30.00 per partial & $50.00 per full)
Adults Parties
*Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels
*Party-Nails (optional)
*Spa Pedicure
*Full-Set (additional $10.00 per set)
*Choice of style
*Color (Touch-up or Partial low-light)
*Highlights ($2.00 per foil,
$20.00 per partial & $45.00 per full)
*other services available upon request
Birthday Party Prices
·       Children under 10 years old
5 child party
10 child party
Additional $25.00 per extra child
·       Children 10 and over
5 child party
10 child party
Additional $35.00 per extra child
·       Adult Party
$90.00 per adult
(Minimum of 3 persons per party)
  • Wouldn’t your little girl love to have her birthday party at salon with all her friends? Great for the children and the parents, we set up and clean up. No more worrying about finding entertainment or your house becoming a wreck. Just leave it all to Shear Pi’zazz to give your daughter a wonderful birthday party. Fun and affordable everyone will have a blast!!!
  • Adult parties??? OF COARSE!!! Not just great for children but for adults too. Ladies bring a group of your friends to celebrate ANY occasion. Hang out with the girls and relax, get pampered and just have fun!
Call for more details and to book parties
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