Pre Made Gift Sets in Four Easy Steps
*pick a package
*choose a gift that best fits the receiver of the gift
*call and order (customize if necesarry) 
*recieve pick-up date and pick up at salon location
There are three types of packages for you to choose from (product only, service only, product and service combos)
Take a look below at all your options
Hope this list of packages and their details help you choose one that fits what you would need best. Packages can be ordered as listed or can be customized upon request to accommodate your needs.
Kit name and brief description from the stylist to help you choose which gift set is best for you 
Volumizing ($55)
This kit would be great for anyone who needs a little more "umf" in their hair. Great mix of products to add some volume and fun to hair thats lacking the two.
This kit would be great for anyone that wants to tame their frizz. Great for anyone that has thick, curly or frizzy hair. Also good if the flat iron is used on a daily basis. These products are used to smooth the hair.
Color ($40)
This kit is great for anyone with color treated hair. Includes the essential products to keep your color lasting and a great leave in conditioner to keep your colored hair healthy.
Everyday ($35) 
This would be great for anyone. This kit includes products that anyone can use that are great for keeping your hair healthy and great styling products. All easy to use to maintain your hair.
Damaged ($45)
This gift set would be great for and one that needs a little TLC for their hair. Great products that will be used to strengthen the hair and help bring it back to a healthy state.
Dry ($40)
Great for anyone thats complains their hair is dry and isn't soft. Or maybe calls it "crunchy". This kit consists of products that will help bring their hair back to life and add some moisture back into it.
Pamper ($70)
Know some one that just needs a little pampering? This sets includes some services that are great to help anyone relax a little bit.
Treat Yourself ($55) 
A salon visit to help your hair and hands out a little bit. Get a treatment on your hair and hands. Relax and enjoy your services. Leave with soft hair and soft hands. This package is good for ANYONE.
Full Color ($145)
Great for anyone who gets color and highlights. Includes all the services to revamp their color and style and the products that are essential to keep their color and highlights fresh until their next visit.
Kids (11 and under) ($45)
Great for kids! Everything they NEED and WANT.
Teen  (12 and over) ($95)
Great for teens! Get to come in get pampered a little and leave looking glamorous. Hair done, nails done, products ready to go.
Know someone who complains their hair is just dead and just totally wack? Need renovation and something new? This kit will be great. Reconstruct the hair, give it a little cut (or allot) and bring the hair back to a healthier and happier stage. Includes services and products
to help bring the hair back to life.
Day At The Salon (color package) ($240)
Great kit for anyone that just needs a day off. Day to be pampered and will get to leave feeling like a new person. Spend the day at the salon getting your hair, nails, and everything in between done. Great list of services. Have you leaving feeling refreshed.
Day At The Salon (without color) ($120)
Don't need color? That's fine too. We also offer a variety of services that will have you leaving feeling refreshed, minus all the color services.
Contents of the kit
*Extra-Body Daily Shampoo
*Extra-Body Daily Rinse
*Extra-Body Daily Boost
*Extra-Body Sculpting Foam
*Extra-body Finishing Spray
*Super Skinny Daily Shampoo
*Super Skinny Daily Treatment
*Super Skinny Serum
*Freeze and Shine Super Spray
*Color Protect Daily Shampoo
*Color Protect Daily Conditioner
*Color Protect Locking Spray
*The Conditioner
*Shampoo One
*The Detangler
*The Conditioner
*Fast Drying Sculpting Spray
*Super Strong Daily Shampoo
*Super Strong Daily Conditioner
*Super Strong Treatment
*The Conditioner
*Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo
*Instant Moisture Daily Treatment
*The Wash
*Super Charged Moisturizer
*Shampoo and Blowdry/Style
*Choice of Facial Waxing
Treat Yourself
*Paraffin Wax on the hands
*Awapuhi Hair Treatment
Full Color
*Color Touch-up
*Partial Highlight
*Haircut and Blowdry/Style
*Color Protect Daily Shampoo
*Color Protect Daily Conditioner
*Platinum Blonde Shampoo
Kids  (11 and under)
*Polish Change
*Baby Dont Cry Shampoo
*Taming Spray
Teen  (12 and over)
*Shampoo, Haircut, and Blowdry/Style
*Choice of 2 Tinsel, 2 Colored Fusions or 1 Feather
*Shampoo One
*The Detangler
*Awapuhi Conditioning Treatment
*Shampoo, Haircut, and Blowdry/Style
*Awapuhi Shampoo
*The detangler
*The Conditioner
Day At THe Salon (color package)
*Color Touch-up
*Partial HIghlight
*Choice of Facial Waxing
*Paraffin Wax
*Haircut and Blowdry/Style
*Awapuhi Conditioning Treatment
*Color Protect Shampoo
*Color Protect Conditioner
*Color Locking Spray
*Freeze and Shine Super Spray
Day At The Salon (without color services)
*Shampoo, Haircut and Blowdry/Style
*Choice of facial waxing
*Paraffin Wax
*Awapuhi Conditioning Treatment
*Shampoo One
*The Detangler
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